Miami Relocation Guide - Find Help Living In Miami, Florida

Searching For Jobs in Miami-Dade FL by Matt Meltzer When you first move here to South Florida you should find some sort of employment as soon as possible. How to Survive in the Spanish Workplace by Matt Meltzer It's crucial that you are aware of your surroundings. And your surroundings, for the most part, will be Spanish. Driving in Miami: The Rules Are Different Down Here by Matt Meltzer While every city brags about their insane traffic and bad drivers, no city has quite the unique combo that we do Avoiding Miami Traffic (Maps) by Matt Meltzer There are distinct routes and traffic patterns to avoid at certain times, and if you can do that you should be okay.

Toyota relocation, North Texas economy drives demand for more lawyers - Dallas Business Journal

The A&M System bought the school from Texas Wesleyan University for $73 million in August 2013. Morriss started July 1. If youre going to go to law school, going to law school in the Dallas-Fort Worth area gives you access to that market, Morriss said. Youre going to graduate with your network, all your classmates. The people who are going to be referring you cases 10 years down the road are going to also be people in a thriving, growing economy. That wouldnt be true if you were in one of the ore stagnant parts of the country. It works the other way too, Morriss said.

Designing the ’90s NHL, Part 2: Expansion & Relocation — icethetics

When we left off with NHL logo designer Ken Loh, it was the mid-1990s. His famed "Burger King" crest a design he thought was dead found its way onto a new Los Angeles third jersey. And a bold proposal for the Philadelphia Flyers fell flat.

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